Glass Identification

Donated on 9/1/1987

From USA Forensic Science Service; 6 types of glass; defined in terms of their oxide content (i.e. Na, Fe, K, etc)

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Vina conducted a comparison test of her rule-based system, BEAGLE, the nearest-neighbor algorithm, and discriminant analysis. BEAGLE is a product available through VRS Consulting, Inc.; 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 206; Marina Del Ray, CA 90292 (213) 827-7890 and FAX: -3189. In determining whether the glass was a type of "float" glass or not, the following results were obtained (# incorrect answers): Type of Sample -- Beagle -- NN -- DA Windows that were float processed (87) -- 10 -- 12 -- 21 Windows that were not: (76) -- 19 -- 16 -- 22 The study of classification of types of glass was motivated by criminological investigation. At the scene of the crime, the glass left can be used as evidence...if it is correctly identified!

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RIFeatureContinuousrefractive indexfalse
NaFeatureContinuousSodiumweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
MgFeatureContinuousMagnesiumweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
AlFeatureContinuousAluminumweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
SiFeatureContinuousSiliconweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
KFeatureContinuousPotassiumweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
CaFeatureContinuousCalciumweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
BaFeatureContinuousBariumweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse
FeFeatureContinuousIronweight percent in corresponding oxidefalse

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