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Dataset of "Mask Wearing Status Estimation with Smartwatches"

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Life Sciences

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For what purpose was the dataset created?

We present MaskReminder, an automatic mask-wearing status estimation system based on smartwatches, to remind users who may be exposed to the COVID-19 virus transmission scenarios, to wear a mask.

Who funded the creation of the dataset?

Fei Wang

What do the instances that comprise the dataset represent?

every instance is a time series of different mask-related hand movements actions

Are there recommended data splits?

based on different needs, can split data into training-set/validation-set/testing-set

Was there any data preprocessing performed?

please reference

Additional Information

18 actions are divided into three categories: Wearing a mask: Wear The Mask; Mask-wearing related actions: Adjust The Mask, Pull On The Mask, Pull Down The Mask, Pull On One Rope, Pull Down One Rope; Actions that may mislead mask-wearing status estimation: Remove The Mask, Rubbing Eyes, Rubbing The Nose, Rubbing The Hair, Put On A Hat, Take Off The Hat, Put On The Earphones, Take Off The Earphones, Wear Glasses, Push The Glasses, Take Off The Glasses, Wiping Mouth;

Citation Requests/Acknowledgements

@article{meng2022mask, title={Mask Wearing Status Estimation with Smartwatches}, author={Meng, Huina and Wu, Xilei and Wang, Xin and Fan, Yuhan and Shi, Jingang and Ding, Han and Wang, Fei}, journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.06113}, year={2022} }

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Xin Wang


Huina Meng


Fei Wang


Xilei Wu


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