Cisco Secure Workload Networks of Computing Hosts

Donated on 5/16/2022

This dataset contains 22 disjoint graphs where the edges are collected over several consecutive hours, across different days, reflecting communications (TCP and UDP) of various distributed applications in different enterprises, useful for developing graph algorithms, data mining and discovery of function and structure, unsupervised and possibly supervised machine learning (including graph clustering and community discovery). Ground truth grouping information is provided for two of the graphs (grouping of the nodes, based on function or role of the host). Please see the README file.

Dataset Characteristics

Sequential, Text, Other

Subject Area

Computer Science

Associated Tasks

Clustering, Other

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For what purpose was the dataset created?

Intelligent Summaries of Computer Networks, for instance in a datacenter.

Who funded the creation of the dataset?


What do the instances that comprise the dataset represent?

Directed edges, communications (TCP and UDP), among hosts (IPs).

Are there recommended data splits?


Was there any data preprocessing performed?

Please see the README.

Has the dataset been used for any tasks already?

Yes. Internal algorithm development.

Additional Information

Please see the README and the referenced paper in the README and cited next (available at

Citation Requests/Acknowledgements

"A Dataset of Networks of Computing Hosts", Omid Madani, Sai Ankith Averineni, Shashidhar Gandham, IWSPA 2022.

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Omid Madani


Omid Madani


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